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The following documentation is available in English:

(Note: Please be aware that not all described functions and modules are available for all AMC partner universities. If necessary, please contact the Moodle support of your university.)


Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets - available as PDF documents - represent a special form of documentation showing users in an iconic way the required steps in Moodle. The use of activities, resources or functions are shown in screenshots as well as short useful captions. The last page of each Cheat Sheet contains a detailled decription of the procedures.



Multimedia tutorials on Youtube

The AMC provides its Moodle users many multimedia tutorials on Youtube. The short videos represent step-by-step tutorials how to use activities, resources or functionalities of Moodle. The goal is that the learners perform the required setps in Moodle parallel to watching the videos in Youtube.

Note: Not all videos are available in English!




The following documentation is available in German only:




"Frequently Asked Questions" show commonly asked questions of Moodle users and provide answers for them. Furthermore the FAQ area also includes tips and tricks for using Moodle. Note, that the questions are mainly from the teacher's perspective.

Note: The FAQ is available in German only!




Moodle scenarios

All AMC partners can use a ready-to-download Moodle-course, presenting all resources and activities of Moodle. This course can be used with the selfregistration in order to demonstrate all users the possible scenarios, feature-descriptions and hand-on examples of all resources and activities.

Note: The Moodle scenarios are available in German only!