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In the course of the Cooperation, Moodle plugins have emerged from the needs and demands arising from the university teaching and we want to make these modules available to the entire Moodle community. In doing so, we also want to express our gratitude to the Moodle community for its support. 


The Checkmark module (mod/checkmark) allows teachers to obtain information about the assignments completed by the students prior to a lesson.


The Grouptool (mod/grouptool) enhances the functionality of Moodle default groups. Two of the additional features are the possibility for students to enrol themselves in groups with waiting lists, and the transfer of grades within groups.

MC Offline Quiz

The MC Offline Quiz  (mod/offlinequiz) adds paper-and-pencil multiple-choice quizzes to Moodle. In offline quizzes students mark answers to questions on a sheet of paper (the answer form). 

MC Offline Quiz Cron

The report MC Offline Quiz Cron (report/offlinequizcron) helps administrators of Moodle to view and manage important backend processes of the MC offline quiz plugin.


The Organizer (mod/organizer) allows participants to subscribe to events, which can be created easily and efficiently by teachers.

Semsort (semester sorting)

In the Semsort block (blocks/semester_sortierung) courses are grouped by their starting dates in a semester view on the MyMoodle page.

Student Folder

With the module student folder (mod/publication) students can upload documents which can be made visible by teachers.

Grade Distribution

The report grade distribution (/grade/report/gradedist) visualizes the grades of students in a course. Changes to letter grades (i.e. the boundary of a grade) can be analysed visually, saved and therefore overwritten if necessary.

Checkmark Report

The checkmark report (local/checkmarkreport) is an extension to the module checkmark and shows the marks and grades for one or more checkmarks in a tabular form.

Download Center

The plugin Download center (local/downloadcenter) enables all users to download all files, folders as well as all documents of student folders of the entire course as a ZIP archive with a clear folder structure.

Assign submission download

The plugin Assign submission download (local/assignsubmission_download) enables trainers to download all submissions of a Moodle assignment as a ZIP archive based on an individual naming scheme.