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Assign submission download

The plugin Assign submission download (local/assignsubmission_download) enables trainers to download all submissions of a Moodle assignment as a ZIP archive based on an individual naming scheme.


With this plugin, teachers can download all submissions of a Moodle assignment according to an individually defined naming scheme. The naming scheme can be designed by using so-called "tags". There are many "tags" available to define the name, such as the student immatriculation number (idnumber), the last name (lastname), the first name (firstname), the full name of the Moodle user (fullname), the name of the assignment (assignmentname), the group (group), the file name (filename) or the consecutive number of the files (filenumber). Furthermore, filenames can also be cleaned automatically, i.e. the plugin removes spaces and special characters from the filename and rewrites umlauts. Besides, the download can be restricted to certain groups or groupings, or only submissions that are newer than a specified date can be considered.

The plugin's features may be accessed via the assignmnet settings drop-down menu (see screenshot). 


The plugin is available for Moodle versions from 3.10 up to 4.0.


Copy the code directly to the local/assignsubmission_download directory. Open the administration area (http://your-moodle-site/admin) to start the installation automatically.

Admin settings

No settings available.

Screenshots of the module

Developer Team

Developer: Andreas Krieger

Tester: Nora Wolf




The creation of the documentation is planned for the next Moodle release.