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Student Folder

With the module student folder (mod/publication) students can upload documents which can be made visible by teachers. This facilitates publication of student's documents in a course and improves exchange of knowledge.


The student folder has two features: on the one hand participants can upload their documents in the student folder which can be made visible for other students immediately after the upload or after the teacher's approval. On the other hand it is possible to import documents from the activity assignment. Here teachers can decide which documents should be visible to all participants or name individual students to release documents.


The student folder is available for all Moodle versions from 2.7 up to 4.0.


Copy the module code directly to the mod/publication directory. Open the administration area (http://your-moodle-site/admin) to start the installation automatically.

Admin settings

An administrator can adjust the default settings for the student folder instance-wide in the general settings page. There he can specify the following:

  • Require activity description
  • Obtain approval
  • Approved by default
  • Maximum number of attachments
  • Maximum attachment size
  • Hide ID-Number

Screenshots of the module

Student folder view
Student folder settings


Developer: Philipp Hager and Andreas Windbichler

Tester: Thorsten Sigmund